A nurse is providing discharge teaching to a client who doesn t speak the same language

Which instruction should the nurse include in her teaching if she is providing discharge teaching for a client who had a laryngectomy? Change Image Delete A. Wear a tight cloth at the stoma to prevent anything from entering it.

A nurse is providing discharge teaching to a patient who is going home after having a tonsillectomy. What is the most important element that the nurse should include with discharge instructions? my nose doesn't stay open even though i use nasal spray every hour: which intervention will the nurse include in discharge teaching after sinus surgery to prevent bleeding from the surgical site? use a stool softener: the client has a peristonsillar abscess which is the priority instruction the nurse will provide to this client?
When teaching the elderly, the nurse should be very patient and allow plenty of time for teaching so that the patient doesn't feel rushed, use plenty of repetition, have a caregiver or family member present if possible, and be alert to cues that the elderly patient does not understand the teaching. A nurse is caring for a client who has ulcerative colitis. The client has had several exacerbations over the past 3 years. Which of the following may be incorporated into the plan of care to minimize the risk of another exacerbation.

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A nurse is providing discharge teaching to a client who doesn t speak the same language

Oct 14, 2013 · Lastly, both physicians and nurses overestimate patients’ knowledge, which may make them less likely to provide sufficient education. 43,44. A variety of interventions will likely be necessary to improve discharge practices, patient understanding and the patient-centeredness of the care transition.

Mar 29, 2019 · How to Talk With Someone Who Doesn't Speak Your Language. With hundreds of languages in the world, it's not uncommon to encounter a language barrier during your work, travel, or everyday life. Talking to someone who doesn't speak the same... Teaching isn't a one-time event that occurs only at discharge. According to one nurse colleague, learning occurs every time the nurse enters the patient's room. Nurses should think about how they learned nursing skills. It took practice, practice, and more practice. Let your patients do the same.
Teach-back is also an important part of family and caregiver education. Nurses need to make sure family caregivers are well-educated about patient health needs to better assist the patient after discharge. Nurses, like other clinicians, must also make sure they meet patients at the appropriate health literacy level when discussing health concepts.

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Study 56 ATI Fun B flashcards from shari c ... A nurse is providing teaching to a client being discharged with crutches. ... An IV is inserted into an arm on the same ...

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