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The following code shows how to create an ImageComboBoxEdit control at runtime. In the custom AddItems method, several items are added using the ImageComboBoxItemCollection.Add method. For each item, we specify the caption, value and image index. The ImageCollection that stores images for items is created and populated at design time. It is assigned to the RepositoryItemImageComboBox ...

I am working in DevExpress Gridview Concepts. I require one User Image in my grid field. i m working in winforms platforms. My Datatable has only path of image. I dont know how to bind an image to repositoryPictureEdit Control. Kindly provide any solution.

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Nov 21, 2019 · About Supported Developer Express Controls TestComplete can work with any Developer Express control via a graphical user interface. Besides, TestComplete provides extended support for most of Developer Express controls.

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Devexpress imagecomboboxedit

本文为我的.NET控件库DevExpress使用笔记,我的DevExpress版本为13.1 1、控件类型全称:DevExpress.XtraEditors.ImageComboBoxEdit 2、控件所在程序集:DevExpress.XtraEditors.v13.1.dll 3、工具箱内分类:DX.13.1: Common Controls 4、控件样式截图 5、ImageComboBoxEd

ImageComboBoxEdit selected value not settable. Ask Question Asked 4 years, ... I've been looking at the DevExpress ImageComboBoxEdit Documentation but can't see any ...
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DevExpress para desarrolladores .NET de habla hispana... jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011. ... Ya que a los items del control ImageComboBoxEdit solo se le pueden asignar imágenes estableciendo en su propiedad ImageIndex el index de la imagen perteneciente al ImageCollection, tienes que armar primeramente ese ImageCollection de imágenes Bitmaps. ...

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