Digital butterworth filter

I was taught to use butter (to design Butterworth filter aka the maximally flat magnitude filter) and filtfilt (Zero-phase digital filtering) functions for bandpass filtering of EEG (electroencephalogram) signals in MATLAB offline (i.e. after the completion of recording). This way you can avoid inevitable "delay" caused by the digital filter (i ...

For example, a programmable second-order, low-pass Butterworth filter with a corner frequency ranging from 200 Hz to 20 kHz can be designed by setting C1 = 0.022 µF and C2 = 0.1 µF.
Butterworth / Bessel / Chebyshev Filters This is an interactive filter design package, for designing digital filters by the bilinear transform or matched z -transform method. Fill in the form and press the " Submit" button, and a filter will be designed for you.

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[b,a] = maxflat(n,m,Wn) is a lowpass Butterworth filter with numerator and denominator coefficients b and a of orders n and m, respectively. Wn is the normalized cutoff frequency at which the magnitude response of the filter is equal to 1 / 2 (approximately –3 dB). Wn must be between 0 and 1, where 1 corresponds to the Nyquist frequency.

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Digital butterworth filter

Mar 05, 2011 · I have been looking at the function butter ([B,A] = BUTTER(N,Wn)) to design an Nth order lowpass digital Butterworth filter. The cutoff frequency, Wn, must be 0 < Wn < 1, with 1 corresponding to half the sample rate (Nyquist frequency).

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Its impulse response is infinite (typically) but it only requires a couple of multiplications and additions per sample if you know what you're doing. For example, a 2nd order digital Butterworth filter bouils down to an IIR filter of 2nd order (somtimes called "biquad") with specific coefficients: These standard analog lowpass filters can be used as starting points for constructing digital filters. The filter descriptions are usually normalized, that is, the point of interest (such as the -3dB cutoff point) on the imaginary axis is always at \(i\).

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Generalized digital Butterworth filter design Abstract: This correspondence introduces a new class of infinite impulse response (IIR) digital filters that unifies the classical digital Butterworth filter and the well-known maximally flat FIR filter. New closed-form expressions are provided, and a straightforward design technique is described.

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