Satellite calculations

At equinox 23'rd of Semtember 07:50 UTC the Sun interference peak affected area enters Northern hemisphere. Status can be viewed in near real time from the link below.

Measuring tools for calculating area using a satellite map. Google area calculator determines areas of the circle, of the rectangle and of the polygon. You can determine the angles between two lines that intersect.
Introduction RemoteTech is one of the popular mods for Kerbal Space Program.It provides purposes to launch and operate satellites in the space. Before starting a countdown at the launch pad, how about planning and visualizing the satellite network that you aim at with this web-based planner?

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GeoSatFinder is a Satellite Finder Aiming Calculator for finding the correct elevation, azimuth and LNBF rotation for any location in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. GeoSatFinder also calculates the True South satellite location for motorized installs.

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Satellite calculations

Navigation tools. Distance and route computation. Sea-Seek - Distance Calculator

Description of the construction of a quadrifilar helicoidal antenna. This model is for meteorological satellites, but a calculator is provided to adapt measure to other frequencies. Construction is cheap, and materials are easily available.
Solar Roof Calculator. Instructions: STEP 1: Type in your address and press enter. Click the "Center Marker" button to help locate this address then zoom in as much ...

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When a satellite travels in a geosynchronous orbit around the Earth, it needs to travel at a certain orbiting radius and period to maintain this orbit. Because the radius and period are related, you can use physics to calculate one if you know the other. The period of a satellite is the time it takes …

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